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Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis is a professional pianist, organist, composer, arranger, accompanist, and band leader, specializing in jazz. His true passion is writing and recording devotional music, such as bhajans, and singing and praying to God, which he does with a local satsang group several nights a week. He studied piano from the age of eight and began studying organ at twelve. By age 15, he was playing professionally as a soloist and in bands. During his high school years he studied bassoon and music theory. He even taught both of these to younger students at summer band camp. At Rowan University, he received his B.S. in music education, and at Temple University he earned his M.A. in music theory.   All the time he was playing in various college and community symphony orchestras, as well as with his own jazz and wedding bands. Later on, he added arranging and conducting to his resume', when he became musical director for Stagecrafters Players. At this time, he also became a sound engineer, bringing affordable wireless microphone technology to high school and community theater. His jazz and blues recordings have been played on radio, and reviewed and praised by various magazines. He is most pleased to be performing for senior citizens and civic clubs with other fine musicians. He continues to feel the deepest joy in creating and sharing spiritual and new age music.
Music: Instrumental Bhajans for Meditation
We currently have three inspirational CD's filled with the music of devotion. You can sample them by clicking on "Listen to Audio." They are solo instrumental renditions of Hindu hymns to God (bhajans); two on piano and one on string synthesizer. Each is filled with at least 55 minutes of beautiful soothing music. Although there are some dramatic moments, there is a pervading sense of serenity throughout the recordings. The selections recorded are divinely inspired spontaneous arrangements of spiritual songs composed by Amma, traditional sources, or by the performer. The music has a universally calming effect, and is perfect for yoga, meditation, massage, traffic jams, or just relaxing.   Each CD comes in a full sized case with cover art and labels by Om Shantih. They make excellent companions to her paintings. We hope you will enjoy these CD's yourself, or give them as gifts, while supporting a worthy charity.

You may sample CD's by clicking on 'Listen to Audio' on our home page. Some of the bhajans are more impressionistic than others. This music runs about an hour, and is great for massage, yoga, meditation, or just relaxing. Each CD comes with a case with cover art and label by Om Shantih.
This devotional piano music is based on bhajans by traditional hindu sources, Amma, and originals by the performer. This is a follow up to 'Blue Lotus Feet'

Her Krishna Feet CD
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This devotional music recorded live from a small string synthesizer is based on bhajans by traditional hindu sources, Amma, and originals by the performer. This CD is quite orchestral and unusually rich in counter melodies. You may hear many layers going on, but it was all done live by one performer.

Meditations CD
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This devotional piano music is based on bhajans by traditional hindu sources, Amma, and originals by the performer. The selections are sequenced to represent my early experiences with Amma. On the first number you can hear the random chanting start to solidify while waiting for Amma to arrive. Then a series of bhajans (hymns to God) are played followed by the traditional closing melodies.

Blue Lotus Feet CD
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Music samples from Dave's CDs:

This is the opening of the latest piano CD called Her Krishna Feet. All the recordings are dedicated to our spiritual Mother, Amma. This selection is called "Prayer," and it often makes someone cry when I sing it (usually me). The words are as follows: "Mother please help me I've drifted away. The lure of desire has led me astray. I'm weak and I'm helpless; can't make it on my own. Please send me the courage to find my way home. You never leave me; It's me who leaves You. Please grant me the vision to see what is true... and that's only You."

This is the second selection from the Her Krishna Feet CD. It is a bhajan, written by Amma, pleading with the Lord to return righteousness to this world. The harmonies have been changed a bit from the original to intensify that feeling of longing for God. It is one of our favorite chants, but difficult to sing since it is Malyalam.

"Shankari Shambavi"
This the seventh selection from the Her Krishna Feet CD. In this bhajan we seek God's compassion and protection. The introduction, interlude, and ending have a slight gypsy or Kleszmer flavor to them. I think it works well with the body of the song. It just spontaneously occured, like so many other touches on these recordings.

"Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna"
This is the opening track of the Meditations CD. This CD sounds quite orchestral and was recorded live, with no overdubs, on a small keyboard. The powerful opening chords were a surprise to me. It was as if God placed my hands on those notes. This is one of my favorite compositions. The words are simply different names of God.

"Om Namah Shivaya"
This is from my first CD called Blue Lotus Feet. This short, but sweet, chant is a favorite of Amma's, and roughly translates to "I bow down to God." It evokes a feeling of peace, and seems like tiny ripples spreading out over an otherwise placid and serene lake. We often greet one another with "Namah Shivaya," indicating that everyone and everything is the embodiment of God. With this last track I say "Namah Shivaya" to you, and, if you liked what you heard, feel free to order the music from our webshop.